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Torn & Restored Napkin Free Tutorial
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The torn and restored napkin is one of the oldest and classic trick which has been performed since long ago. This trick is strong direct impromptu magic. It's one of those magic tricks that people talk about but rarely do, which is a pity because it's an audience pleaser. In this video, we will teach you the most basic variation of torn and restored napkins. There are other versions of this classic trick but they mainly have the spectator appearing to be foolish for failing. Not good.

Note Tear Magic Tricks Tutorial
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Learn how to rip a dollar bill, eat it, and restore to make the bill whole again. To perform this trick you need: A dollar bill and a duplicate bill of the same value in your pocket or wallet.

Here are the steps to perform:

Step 1: Borrow a bill

Ask to borrow a dollar from someone.

Step 2: Fold it

Hold it up horizontally, snapping it noisily to show it's whole. Fold it in half vertically, through the head of the president.

Step 3: Tear it

Start tearing (yes, really tear) the bill at the fold. Go down about an inch.

Tip: Try to tear along a line or pattern on the bill.

Step 4: Pinch it

When you reach the end of the tear, use your thumb to secretly fold and hold the torn section against the back of the bill, away from the audience. Now pretend to rip off the bit with your right fingers.

Tip: Pinching the bill hard with your fingers while you pull them away will make a false "ripping" sound.

Step 5: Chew

Put the imaginary torn piece in you mouth and chew with gusto.

Tip: Forget manners — go ahead and talk as if your mouth is full!

Step 6: Snap

After you've "swallowed," hold the bill in front of your face and snap it open horizontally, while blowing from behind.

Tip: Keep the bill taut and the tear will line up — and the bill will seem to be restored!

Step 7: Switch

Tell your volunteer the dollar was delicious, and put it in your wallet. When she objects, pull out the duplicate bill.

Learn Telekinesis Trick (Tutorial) Using a Straw
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Learn how to move a straw freely using your power of mind! 

Learn Cups & Balls Magic Tricks
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The cups and balls is a classic of magic with many adaptations. The most widely performed version uses three cups and three small balls. The magician makes the balls pass through the solid bottoms of the cups, jump from cup to cup, disappear from the cup and appear in other places, or vanish from various places and reappear under the cups (sometimes under the same cup), often ending with larger objects, like fruit, or even chicks or mice, appearing under the cups.

Now this clip will teach you how to perform the cups and balls.

Learn Static Pen Trick (Tutorial)
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Learn impromptu free magic tricks: static pen.


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