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Secrets of Street Magician Finally Revealed
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A street magician, while hiding his identity, breaks the magician's code and reveals how several magic tricks are performed. The tricks that he reveals is: Levitation, card Magic, mentalism, levitate a small object, raven vanish, pulling the head of bird, card prediction, Shinko's arm twist, math magic, David Blaine's fly resurrection, two card monte, sharpie mentalism gimmick, the time machine, cigarette through coin, and more.

Secrets of Street Magic Finally Revealed

Chinese Lantern Tricks Revealed
(2 votes)
The Magician shows that the box is empty by illuminating it with a lantern. The light is put on the place, the box is closed. The Magician takes around one time to make sure there is nothing behind the lamp. Now the show begin. Magically the shadow emerges inside the box fully controlled by the Magician. Finally, the Magician enters a deep trance and the shadow transforms into a human being and a woman appears from the box.

Exploding Packing Crate Revealed
(2 votes)
The Magician puts into straight jacket. This is a real jacket (no gimmick). Then the magician is loaded into a large box. Now the assistant chain down the box and box is sealed. Then an explosive dynamite is sticked on the box. The Magician only have 1 minute to escape. And.. suddenly the box is explode.. but the Magician not only escape the straight jacket but now he is on the different part of the warehouse.

Criss Angel - Needle Trick Revealed
(7 votes)
Ever wondered how criss angel did his needle trick on his halloween special? This video revealed Criss Angel Needle Trick.

Criss Angel - Walk On Water Revealed
(209 votes)
Ever wonder how Criss Angel walked on water? This Video explained how he do that.

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