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Magic Light Bulb Revealed
(8 votes)

This ordinary looking light bulb will light in your hand without wires or apparent power source!

The Effect: Magician shows an ordinary looking light bulb and is able to make it light without using any apparent power source. This trick is extremely easy to play and this is a great choice for the beginner magician. The explanation and instruction on how to make this light bulb is revealed in this video!

Magic Light Bulb Performance:

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Criss Angel - Vanish from a Cabin in Air Revealed
(7 votes)

Criss Angel always performs an unbelievable magic that defying any laws of physics! In this illusion, Criss Angel is closed in a cabin and suspended in the air. In a blink of eye, he will escape and reappear on the ground and make a quick exchange with one of his assistants. Is this real? Of course not! Grand Puertolas of Trickbusters, will explain how this trick is done from the rational point of view. Enjoy!

Vanish from a Cabin in Air - Original Performance:

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Criss Angel - Passing Through Iron Gate Revealed
(15 votes)

Do you want to know how Criss Angel could pass his body though the solid iron gate? Well, its not very hard to figure out if you know the basic principle of magic!

Passing through Iron Gate Original Performance:

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Arson Card Trick Tutorial
(16 votes)


Do you like to play with fire? Then this trick is for you! You hold a card using your right hand and showed that nothing else in your hand. Then you told the spectators, that you are going to burn the card using mental power. You concentrate on that card and suddenly the card is burnt out of nothing! Cool trick to do on a party! Recommended!

Arson - Performance:

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Amazing Coin Routine
(10 votes)

This is a visual, entertaining and awesome coin routine for you! In this video you'll learn how to multiply one coin into fours. Lots of practice is required in order to master this trick! Basic techniques that must be learned first: Classic palm, Finger palm, and Ramsey subtleties.

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