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Criss Angel - Vanish
In this episode, Criss will vanish a spectator 360 degrees by thousands of witnesses in the middle of Las Vegas' Fremont Street.

Criss Angel - Vanish part 1

Criss Angel - Walk on Water
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Criss will attempt to walk across an entire pool in one continuous shot while skeptics swim below and around him.

Criss Angel - Building Float

Criss Angel takes Mindfreak's season 1 levitation to a whole new level. He will float from one building to another in front of a random crowd in broad daylight.

Criss Angel - Halloween Special
Criss is shackled, handcuffed and nailed into a wood casket. He must get out before being pulled through a woodchipper.

Criss Angel - Halloween Special Part 1 of 4

Criss Angel - Tesla Strike
Criss will journey out to Baraboo Wisconsin, and test out one of the largest tesla coils in the country.



Criss Angel -Tesla Strike - Part 1

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