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Criss Angel - Chicken
Criss has the Amazing Jonathan take a car and run him over through a brick wall. He will also perform a knife test in a sushi bar.

Criss Angel - Race Prediction
Criss Angel Predicts the winner of a stock car race.

Criss Angel - C4 Crate
Criss will be locked in an explosives filled crate and will experience the power of C4.

Criss Angel - Oasis
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Criss Angel is trapped in an oasis. He has to figure a way to get out within 33 hours while surrounded by thousands of spectators and news crews, in New York City's Bryant Park. Can he make it out in time?? 

Criss Angel - Mindfreak: Oasis Part 1


Criss Angel - Blind
Criss Attempts To Do Random things While Blindfolded Like Drive Mandy Moores to one of her favorite restaurants.



Criss Angel : Mindfreak - Blind Part1

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