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Criss Angel - Building Walk
In this episode, Criss will lean over the side of the 55th floor of the Aladdin Hotel and will walk down the side without any safety.

Criss Angel - Hellstromism
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Criss Angel demonstrates the art of muscle reading. He is challenged by a Las Vegas' Desert Dodge Dealership to find a hidden key for a Dodge Viper using hellstromism. Also watch special appearance of famous mentalist "Banachek".



Criss Angel: Hellstromism (1/3)

Criss Angel - Body Suspension
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Criss is suspended from a helicopter while hanging from 4 fish hooks as he is flown over the Valley of Fire.

Criss Angel - SUV Nail Bed
Criss will lie on a bed of nails as a 4 and a half ton SUV Hummer drives over his body.

Criss Angel - Wine Barrel Escape

Criss angel in a tribute to Harry Houdini attemps an escape from a wine barrel while being handcuffed to the wine barrel submerged in water being help 8 stories from the ground he has to escape in under 2 minutes. Special aperance from master magician Lance Burton 

Criss Angel: Wine Barrel Escape part1

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