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David Blaine - Card in a Bottle
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Another cool video from the master of street magic David Blaine. This time he makes someones card fly into a beer bottle. It is one thing to do magic on a stage. But it is much harder to do it out on the street.

David Blaine - Ring Magic
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David Blaine do a Ring Magic

David Blaine - Jewelry Break-In
David Blaine moves his hand through a window and back but the window is still unbroken.

David Blaine: Deck of card
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David riffles through a deck of cards, asking a young girl to see one as the cards go by. She verifies that she has selected one. David hands the cards to the girl and tells her that her card is now gone. Gasps are heard as she spreads the pack with no sign of her card. It has indeed vanished. David then takes half of the deck and drops it on the sidewalk. The half-pack shatters into pieces leaving only the thought-of-card.

David Blaine Vanishing Card Trick
David Blaine is performing the vanishing card trick to policemen! Amazing performance!

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