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Criss Angel - Nail Gun Catch
(2 votes)
In this episode, Criss attempts to catch a nail traveling at 1400 feet per second, and used a jigsaw to cut through a fan's arm.

Criss Angel - Nail Gun Catch (Part 1 of 2)

Criss Angel - Skeptic
In this unusual episode of Mindfreak, Criss invites skeptical people to be part of one of his deadly challenges, figure out which elevators actually have an elevator in them, one has an empty shaft.

Criss Angel - Skeptic (Part 1 of 2)

Cyril Revolution Magic 2008
(1 vote)
Japanese illusionist, Cyril Takayama, come back again with his new magic revolution 2008. Relax, watch, and enjoy his outstanding magic performance...

Cyril Magic Revolution '08:

Criss Angel - Building Implosion Escape
With a one hour live special Mindfreak episode, a 9-story condominium will be loaded with explosives leaving Criss the chance to escape before it implodes to the ground.

Criss Angel - Building Implosion Escape (Part 1 of 5)

Criss Angel - Walk On Lake
(3 votes)
Mindfreak will begin with a one hour fourth season premiere where Criss will attempt to walk out more than 200 feet on the largest manmade lake, Lake Mead, in front of unsuspecting bystanders and boaters.

Criss Angel - Walk On Lake

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