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Derren Brown - Trick or Treat: Time (Season 2 - Episode 3)
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The subject, guest star David Tennant, appears to have the ability to time travel. He is taken back to the early 1930s and gives out facts, which appear in a newspaper from that date. He then predicts what a member of the public will draw on a card, twenty minutes beforehand. Finally, he performs automatic writing, predicting two news items which would appear three days later in The Guardian newspaper. It was mentioned in the episode that Tennant had applied to the programme in the same way any ordinary member of the public would.

Derren Brown - Time: Part 1 of 4

Derren Brown - Trick or Treat: Kitten (Season 2 - Episode 2)
The subject is shown a kitten in a metal cage and told that it will be electrocuted if she presses a button. The subject would win £500 if she stays in the room for five minutes without killing the kitten. Derren's negative suggestion forces her to press the button at the last second. However, she finds the cat is still alive and thus wins the £500. The treat was that the subject would think back to the moment if she was ever being negative in future, and would then become a more positive person.

Derren Brown - Kitten: Part 1 of 4

Derren Brown - Trick or Treat: Quiz (Season 2 - Episode 1)
Trick or treat is a British television show hosted by Derren Brown. The focus of the show is on one person selected from a pool of volunteers who responded to adverts in the national press to take part in the show. The experience the volunteer receives is decided by which card they choose. If they choose the card that says 'Trick' they receive a bad experience and if they choose the card that says 'Treat' they receive a good experience. 

Trick or Treat Season 2 - Episode 1: Quiz

The subject is taught a technique of speed learning, and spends a week scanning hundreds of books in preparation for a Night of the Champions pub quiz, in which he enters as the only solo participant and comes second only to two teams who tied for first place.

Derren Brown - Quiz: Part 1 of 4


Derren Brown - The System
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Derren Brown has a system for winning at the horses. In this one-hour special, the maestro of mind control anonymously tells a single mum from London which horse will win at the next day's races - again and again - culminating in a final, massive bet.

Investigating the psychology behind gambling and using his unique combination of skills to create guaranteed wins, Derren proves his system works every time. Not only that, but he explains it fully to us at home. But how fool-proof is this system and will his participant, believing in him and his predictions, risk her life-savings on one more race?

I took a member of the public and I told her which horse would win in a certain race; when it did win she was intrigued and I did it again and again and she started to bet more and more money according to my system. She's scraped together every last penny she could find and she is risking it all on one final race. Is it really possible to predict every time which horse will win? Welcome to The System.

- Derren Brown

The System (Part 1 of 6):

Criss Angel - Fantasy
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In an episode of Mindfreak, Criss will hypnotize a mass crowd of people to remove their clothes in public.


Criss Angel - Fantasy Part 1 of 4


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