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Criss Angel - Motorcycle Roulette
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Criss takes it underground in Long Island, New York and shares his passion for motorcycle trick riding with a crew of extreme riders who execute the craziest stunts on two wheels, and sometimes just one. Criss ups the ante when he makes a motorcycle vanish and reappear from nowhere, drives blind and demonstrates a fresh style of riding sure to astonish.


Criss Angel - Motorcycle Roulette part 1


Criss Angel - Metamorphosis
In front of thousands of spectators, Criss demonstrates one of the fastest metamorphoses ever attempted.

Criss Angel - Celebrity Seance
This episode proves once and for all whether the living can communicate with the dead. Five brave souls will spend a night in one of the most haunted places in America, the Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley, known for paranormal activity as Criss tries to connect with forces beyond our comprehension. Which celebrities will remain in the house? 


Criss Angel - Celebrity Seance Part 1


Criss Angel - Sucker
Criss demonstrates psychic surgery and warns us of scammers that like to prey on the innocent. He will blow the lid off of anyone who uses magic to take advantage of others.

Part1: Criss Angel Reveals Card Cheats!

Criss Angel - Celebrity Mind
Criss Angel hypnotises a lady and makes her climb through him!(that's right THROUGH HIM!).

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