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Criss Angel - Bike Jump Vanish
In this episode of Mindfreak, Criss will hit a 60 foot long ramp bike jump into the air with the most amazing illusion twist.

Criss Angel - In Two
Criss Angel will demonstrate his version of being cut in half without covers, boxes or trick clothing.

Criss Angel - Animal Magic
Criss will make a 4 and a half ton Asian elephant vanish in the middle of the street surrounded by spectators.

Criss Angel - Party
Get ready for a party out on the town with Criss Angel as they celebrate a cast members birthday.

Criss Angel - Party Part1


Criss Angel - Easy Rider
Criss is chained and sealed inside a wooden box filled with explosives. He must escape before a stunt car rams into him in front of a large crowd.

Mindfreak - Easy Rider - Part1


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