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David Blaine - Gyroscope
david_blaine_gyroscope_001.jpgOn Tuesday November 20, 2006, Blaine will be suspended 40 feet in the air above Times Square while spinning 8 times per minute. The stunt will last through Thanksgiving Day as Blaine attempts to escape by 5AM on Friday, November 23rd, 2006.
David Blaine - Drowned Alive
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david_blaine_drowned_alive_002.jpgDavid Blaine will again risk his life in an attempt to hold his breath underwater longer than any human being (the current record is eight minutes, 58 seconds). He will undertake this latest challenge after living in a specially built human aquarium - an eight-foot acrylic sphere - for seven days and nights, in full public view in front of New York's Lincoln Center. Blaine’s attempt to break the world record will provide the finale to his upcoming two-hour special, "David Blaine: Drowned Alive," which will air on Monday, May 8 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.


David Blaine - Above the Below
david_blaine_above_the_below_001.jpgOn September 5, 2003, Blaine spent 44 days sealed inside a transparent glass box suspended 30 feet above the ground in London’s Potter Fields Park on the bank of the River Thames. The glass box was approximately 7 feet x 7 feet x 3 feet. During the 44 days, Blaine claims to have fasted and lost 54 pounds of body weight.










David Blaine - Vertigo
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david_blaine_vertigo_001.jpgDavid Blaine is among the most controversial magicians today. He is both loved and loathed by audiences and fellow magicians alike. Some criticize him for his lack of technical skill. Others feel that his "tricks" such as Frozen In Time and Magic Man are merely publicity stunts.

Regardless of what people believe to be David Blaine's motives, he is certainly a commercial success and his latest stunt was aired on ABC on May 22, 2002.

For this most recent challenge David Blaine perched himself upon a free standing pillar, 22 inches in diameter for 35 hours. He went without food and water for the duration of the challenge and even urinated via a catheter. As if this was not challenge enough, David Blaine then made his dismount from the pillar by jumping into cardboard boxes. The jump was aired live on ABC.
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