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About Me
I donno why i'm involve in the magic...

Raised by a semi-ametur sleight of hand student, I was born into the art of magic...

I have been interested in the art of magic for over 4 years, and have been performing for stage magic.. it is quite difficult when on the stage and confront with audience for the first time. but im do it even sometime i get trouble. But i spend my time focus to street magic more compare to stage magic. I know its the begining for me in magic career so i'll improve it...

Magic is the ability to manipulate the energy of what is into something more. And also The ability for a person to fly comes to mind. And the interesting part after show the magic, people will say 'HEY HOW U DO THAT?'...

Stage magic is better paid ,but Close up is more needed. I prefer performing stage magic as it is more artistic and theatrical.
taman merpati, ALOR SETAR, kedah, Malaysia, 06600
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Cabaret
  • Stage
  • Comedy
  • Children's Entertainers
  • Baloon Twister
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