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Devil's Colla Bottle Revealed
(62 votes)

Imagine holding a bottle in your hand. Concentrating on it! And it explodes!

This is a great magic trick which will blow up your spectator mind and has been performed by many magician, including but not limited to Penn & Teller, Keith Barry, and James T Clark. No skill is required to perform this trick! No magnet, no string, no pull, no mechanics of any kind!

This trick is known also as Devil's Flask.

Devil's Colla Bottle Demo:

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Mentalism with CD Trick Tutorial
(57 votes)

If you are a fan of mentalism, you definitely will like this magic trick. This trick also will get you on the fast track to becoming known as a Mentalist!

Learn how to predict which CD or DVD someone will select! Amaze your spectators with this killer mentalism trick!

Difficulty: This trick is easy once you know the secret...

Math Mind Reading Trick Tutorial
(61 votes)

How if you can read your friend's mind using a simple mathematical tricks? Isn't it cool to freak out them? Then here is the tutorial on how to read your spectator's mind just using a simple mathematical formula. Actually nobody can't really read minds. But you can fool people into thinking you can, or at least into thinking that you are extremely observant of body language :). Enjoy the tutorial, and let me know if you have any questions.

Math Mind Reading Performance:

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Branded by Tim Trono Revealed
(18 votes)

I love this stuff! It is amazing! -David Blaine

A fire blaster on your fingertips morphs into a spectator's chosen card. Completely painless and always fun to perform!

Branded Original Performance:

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Resistance is Futile by Jay Sankey Revealed
(18 votes)

The ultimate psychic prediction!

A mind blowing trick of psychic effects! This effect is guaranteed to convince your audiences that you possess psychic powers!

The Effect: The magician shows you some different card face up. The spectator then choose one card. Amazingly the card that he chose is the only one that has a different color.

This trick is almost impromptu, self working, simple and INGENIOUS!

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