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18 by Cameron Francis Revealed
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A killer mentalism effect! Completely self working! Completely practical!

The Effect: The magician asks a spectator to touch any cards. All of the cards are different and no forces at all. Let's say the spectator touches the Six of Hearts. The magician then state that he will use this value of his selection to find another card. The deck is turned face down and the magician deals 6 card off the top of the deck. The 6th card is turned face up and it is a Eight of  Diamond. 8 more cards are dealt onto the table. The 8th card is turned face up and it is the Four of Spade.

The magician then asks a spectator to total up the three card face up on the table. In this case, the spectator answer will be 18. The magician then asks the spectator to turn over the first card that he freely selected. On the back of the card there is a message: "Turn the box over!". On the other side of the box, in bold maker, it is written 18! Killer self working effect!

"18" Performance by Mismag822:


"18" Tutorial:



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que idiota sos nene ese tutorial esta mal. mira yo te ayudo el orden correcto es 5-A-2-3-4-K-6-7-8-9-10-11.Q. listo voludito.
moises quino , December 12, 2013
Another inane exposure?
It would seem that this person not only feels it acceptable to expose/steal Cameron's routine, but doesn't even bother to spend the time learning how to perform it competently.
Russell , August 27, 2009
It works perfectly. Try again!
xploremagic-am , August 23, 2009
This video doesnt seem to be working . Has it been deleted? Please reply.
ChelseaF.Crule , August 23, 2009

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