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Ashes on Arm Revealed
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Warning: This trick is not for children. If you're under 18 years of age please only use fire under the supervision of a parent.

The effect: The spectator choose one card (no force at all) from a deck. The magician then burn the chosen card, roll up this sleeve and rub some ashes along his arm. The spectator's chosen card is seen clearly, written in ashes on your arm.

Ashes on Arm Performance:


Ashes on Arm Explanation:


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@ the guy before me
The explanation is still there, it's just at the end of the performance. While they write their card on the piece of paper you're about to burn, you face away and write it on your arm with chapstick. To know the card, the video suggests a basic bottom key card. I would just use a peek, though, as it skips the tedious (and apparently for no reason) skimming of the deck.
Anon , July 16, 2013
Where did the explanation video go? I have done this for but have used a force.
buck , June 04, 2013
Thank You !
its nice
um can we make our version and own it ?
im asking permission so we can use it....

solsticemagicclub , June 30, 2009

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