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Branded by Tim Trono Revealed
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I love this stuff! It is amazing! -David Blaine

A fire blaster on your fingertips morphs into a spectator's chosen card. Completely painless and always fun to perform!

Branded Original Performance:


Branded Explanation:


Watch this if the above video doesn't work:

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If you weren't interested in learning the secrets behind how to do the trick, why did you bother watching the video, and then complain about someone doing a great service to those of us who cannot afford to buy books written on these subjects?

You say you understand wanting to learn magic, but in the same paragraph bash the site for teaching it to those who've managed to find get here.

I understand where you're coming from, but this isn't the forum to discuss it.

Everyone learns how to do some tricks at one point or another. The trick isn't ruined if a few audience members understand how it's done (most people keep their mouths shut and enjoy watching it again). Plus, those who do understand what's happening get to sit and see different ways mentalists/magicians show the trick off. It may even inspire them to try learning more. Those who seek will find. You can't stop the signal.
@WTF , March 15, 2012
i understand wanting to learn magic. Magic is a wonderful art form. but revealing these secrets are only going to ruin magic for those who like to watch it. i have never agreed with that stupid wannabe masked magician revealing tricks and if you were a true fan of magic you wouldnt either.Some of the older tricks fine reveal them. but the ones that have started in lets say the past 10 years, thats a completely different situation. the older ones such as 3 card monte and Amazing Aces yea reveal but branded is relatively new. revealing it ruins the effect for the audience. Magic isnt done for the performer, it is done for the audience. Revealing this just takes away from what the audience being happy at the end of a performance.
magi , October 05, 2010
Thank you
Great video thanks for this one smilies/smiley.gif

Shane13 , March 12, 2010

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