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Derren Brown's Lottery Prediction Revealed
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Having now seen Derren's bullshit explanation we can conclude that since he had no intention of revealing the truth he would have no qualms about using the simplest method available, which is the one we illustrated.

In reality, it was all a very simple (but ingenious!) split-screen camera trick, dressed up as something else.

There was a slight technical glitch during his performance on Wednesday that gave it away. Plus, this technique has been used many times before.

The 'misdirection' in this case was to con everyone into sitting through an hour of his drivel in the hope of getting a remotely believable answer.

Derren's just a very good PERFORMER and ACTOR and he dresses it all up very well. All credit to him - but unfortunately he DIDNT predict the lottery results - he just used a clever camera technique.


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Derren Brown - Lottery Prediction Revealed:


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