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ESP Magic Power Revealed
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The magician will now demonstrates his power of ESP. The assistants then rolled out a large writing board. He also has a small board for the audience. The assistant hands out the chalk and instruct the audience to draw a shape on a small slate. Her choice is totally random. The assistants then put a curtain around the large slate so the magician has no way to touch it with a chalk. Using his power of ESP, he concentrates and writes in the thin air. When the curtain is lowered, it is the same shape that the audience write! Amazing!

Blind by Daniel Madison Revealed
(3 votes)
Daniel Madison returns with a demonstration of blind coincidence - a timeless prediction plot. Two decks with different backs are used. A free choice from the spectator leads to one impossible conclusion. No duplicates. No doubles. No explanation.

Blind Performance:

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Easy Card Mentalism Tutorial
(9 votes)
Here is the simple mind reading trick using gaft deck. You can tell spectator chosen card directly! Increddible!

This video will teach you step by step how to mark a deck of playing cards like a champ! Totally undetectable! Doing this will put you one ahead every time. Every magician must see!

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Ashes on Arm Revealed
(6 votes)

Warning: This trick is not for children. If you're under 18 years of age please only use fire under the supervision of a parent.

The effect: The spectator choose one card (no force at all) from a deck. The magician then burn the chosen card, roll up this sleeve and rub some ashes along his arm. The spectator's chosen card is seen clearly, written in ashes on your arm.

Ashes on Arm Performance:

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Psychic Prediction Tutorial
(2 votes)
Amazing mentalism card trick that will blow out your mind! No skills needed. This is a self working card trick.


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