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Mentalism Book Test (Mind Readers) Revealed
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Our 2 sceptics explain how magician can easily guess a word picked up among thousands from a book by a person of the audience. Mentalism Book Test revealed by 2 sceptics. This tricks has been performed by many magician such as: David Blaine, Criss Angel, Uri Geller, Max Maven, Patrick Kuffs, and many other famous mentalist in the world.

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That wasn't how the trick went
I saw Criss Angel do this trick on his show and it did not go like that. I have a friend that does mentalsm, and while he won't tell me how (smilies/tongue.gif) he doesn't do it like the video either. The way I've seen the trick go is the mentalist asks the person to pick a book, once a book is chosen it is the ONLY book used in the trick. The mentalist then asks the subject to select any word from ANY page and memorize it. Then with a short bit about having the subject think of each letter in the word he or she then tells them the word. No second book, no first line of the page. Those things would be to obvious and not at all impressive. The tricks I've seen were random words on random pages. I'd like to see these idiots try and pick that apart. I know it's a trick, but these tricks are not as basic and pedestrian as these guys would like people to think.
Stephen Miller , August 12, 2010

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