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Criss Angel - Luxor Light Levitation
In the Mindfreak season 3 opener, Criss will attempt to float more than 500 feet above the Luxor, one of the only two man-made objects seen from space

Criss Angel - Steamroller
Criss will lie on a bed of broken glass as a steamroller rolls over his body.

Criss Angel - Prisoner Transport Escape
After being locked in a mailbag, Criss will attempt to escape a caged truck filled with explosives before it runs off the edge of a cliff. (This episode ended with complications.)

Criss Angel - Screwed
With a row of 12 18 inch screw drivers, Criss will proceed to walk on everyone of them, barefoot.

Criss Angel - Motorhead
In this episode, Criss highlights cars, trucks and bikes in his illusions and will make a Lamborghini disappear while driving it at high rate of speed.


Criss Angel - Motorhead (Part 1 of 4) - Go-Cart


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