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Criss Angel - Animal 2 (Elephant Appear)
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The elephant that Criss made vanish in season 2, will amaze us with his animal illusions and make it reappear.


Criss Angel - Underwater Car Escape
Tied and locked into the trunk of a car, Criss is lowered into a lake and must escape before he runs out of air or drowns.

Criss Angel - Raging Bull
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Criss will attempt to vanish before a raging Mexican bull charges him.


Criss Angel - Car Crash Escape
A car parked with explosives and Criss chained to the side will leave him less of a chance to escape free before a speeding car plows into him.


Criss Angel - Drowned

In this episode, Criss runs into some serious trouble attempting one of houdini's famous water escapes.


Criss Angel - Drowned Part 1 of 3

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