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Criss Angel - Burning Man
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Criss is lead by Illusionist Jeff McBride on a right of passage and a dangerous feat involving fire.

Criss Angel - Rollercoaster Thru Criss
Tied to the tracks of a speeding rollercoaster, Criss must escape before the coaster hits him, or passes thru him.

Criss Angel - The Loyal
Criss pays tribute to the loyal and shocks some of his admirers. He makes a car appear from thin air giving it to one of his fans.


Criss Angel - The Kid In Criss
Criss decides to be a kid again and goes back to being young. He dresses up as Santa Clause, and makes a truck full of toys appear from nowhere.

Criss Angel - Cement Block
Cement is poured into a plexiglass container that holds Criss 5 stories high and gives him 24 hours to escape before it crashes to the ground.

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