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Abdullah Khabir A.k.a.Magician

-, gemasn9malaysia, N9, Malaysia, 73400
My name is Abdullah Khabir Bin Saharudin.I live in Gemas,n9,Malaysia.Im scary performer.Im magician,card magician,illusionist,hypnotist,Master of levitating,Flourisher,XCMer,Pickpocketting,Master of mind,Escapers.im always with my group at pekan Gemas st ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Stage,Street,Mentalism,Pickpocket,Escape Artists,Hypnotist

Magician Raj

Warwickshire way, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5V 1P8
Magician Rajeshwar Wupradrishta / Wuprisha (Magician Raj), born and brought up in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, is a Magician for over two decades. He is academically a Post Graduate in Management as well as in Computer Science. Magic as performed by Ra ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Stage,Comedy,Street

Dean Wong

Dean Wong is a budding young magician with a keen interest and an intense passion for magic. At the age of 12, he has already been presented with two prestigious titles, namely the grand champion of Okto's One Minute of Fame 2009 and the grand champion ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Street,Mentalism,Trade Show,Psychic Entertainers,Strolling Walk Around

Austin Hackney

The Cottage, Hartburn, Northumberland, United Kingdom, NE61 4JG
Hi. I have been a professional performer for 23 years, both solo and in a variety of touring companies, throughout Britain and Europe. I now accept only a few bookings each year, primarily for charity events as I am in 'semi-retirement' and focus my energ ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up

Aleksander Štucl

Veselova 12, Celje, Slovenia, 3000
Magic Aleksander Čarodej že 6 let.... Beautiful magic and mystery!!
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Street,Mentalism

Alexander Maestro

我歡迎你!我的名字是亞歷山大 Voznyuk。我是幻術!我練得貿易學院馬戲及綜合藝術,我有文憑的機械手,魔術師!參加者的魔法比賽在莫斯科舉行。幻覺不是一個愛好是我生活的意義! !歡迎 亞歷山大 Voznyuk - 幻術的最高級別。他的技巧了近10年,令人驚訝的許多觀眾對他的神奇幻想驚人的性能數字。該劇目亞歷山大 驚訝觀眾數量喜劇魔術,幻覺,快速更換改造,操縱和懸浮。亞歷山大在莫斯科參加國際藝術節的錯覺 榮獲國際藝術節的魔術師在莫斯科 2007年 ...
magicvoznyuk.a5.ru/#/RESUME 簡歷
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Street,Children's Entertainers,Parlor

Wisconsin Magician "Great Scott"

Great magic Great fun Great guy Great Entertainment Great Scott "It Must Be Magic!" Bringing the fun to your gathering full-time, any day of the year! "...Hilarious! If you ever need a glowing reference, feel free to use my name." --Joy Nel ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Stage,Comedy,Children's Entertainers,Parlor,Trade Show,Gospel Magicians,Strolling Walk Around,Baloon Twister,Ventriloquist

Suraj Mainali

Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal
Magic Show, Sugar Candy, Ballon, Face Painting, Cartoon Character Dummies, Horse Riding, Mehendi, Dancers any many many more amusements.... Please Contact : Magician Suraj Samrat (THE ILLUSIONIST FUNWORLD)
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Street,Children's Entertainers

Amar Kumar Magician

Ramanath Majumder Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700009
Born on 26th April, 1976 in a middle class Bengali family at College Street Kolkata, India, Magician "Amar Kumar " put his step in the world of magic in 1992 I m performed successfully in different stages in Kolkata and West Bengal. Programmers all club ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Street,Mentalism,Children's Entertainers,Trade Show,Ventriloquist

James Cuevas

Professional Magician and Party Host who gives full entertainment for your guest. President of Mahika Artist of Deception, a group of magicians based in Cavite. Loves doing Magic since when he was young of age. Provides a full package of Entertainment. On ...
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Illusionists,Stage,Comedy,Children's Entertainers,Baloon Twister,Ventriloquist