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  • 06/12/1977
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  • Baltimore
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  • I have been performing magic for about a year and a half so that would definitely make me a beginner. Fortunately I have an amazing mentor, Denny Haney. Denny has mentored many of magics greats including Jeff McBride...so I know Im in good hands with him. Denny owns a shop called "Denny and Lee's Magic Studio" and his website is: www.dennymagic.com. I definitely recommend buying your magic supplies from him because he has the best prices and carries very good quality prodocts. He also has a theater built into the shop with a huge warehouse where he lets local magicians store their large magic props. Denny allows us to use the stage anytime we want to practice our magic...FOR FREE! He doesn't charge for time using the stage which is really cool of him. Denny is probably my favorite magician so Im lucky that I get to have my favorite magician help me polish my routine. Like most magicians I started out first doing card tricks. While card tricks and manipulations make up the bulk of my routine I am starting to learn Cups and Balls, Sponge Balls, Rope and coin tricks, etc. I am also love playing with invisible thread. I actually impressed Denny with my act that he asked me to do a quick lecture on how to use ivisible thread...how to hook it up, what type of thread to use, what type of shirt to wear, what type of lighting to use, etc. I think thats about it for me.
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  • Video Games, World War 2 Studies, Watching Movies, playing poker, black jack, and craps.
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  • US ARMY Recruit, Owner of Magic and Mischief Entertainment
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  • Cards, Coins, Cups and Balls, Sponge Balls, etc.
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  • Denny Haney, Jeff McBride, Reed McClintock, Michael Amaar, Chad Long, Joshua Jay, Dai Vernon, Penn and Teller

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Geoffrey Desi
Geoffrey Desi
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