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  • I am a jack of many trades, master of none, and I've recently decided to add sleight of hand to my repertoire along with stage improvization, performance poetry, bass playing, creative writing, juggling, ballet, and kung fu (I'm much better and much more experienced at some of those things than others). My main focus in the world is on ideas. I love to learn, discuss, and debate, and my passions are art, knowledge, and liberty and justice for ALL.
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  • United States of America
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  • Exploring the interesting and amazing
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  • TV broadcast techie, lowly restaraunt employee, librarian, and student
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  • Close-up...gimmicked boxes and such make me die a little inside
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  • Robert Houdin, Teller

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Jessie Breeden
Jessie Breeden
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Sunday, 22 February 2009 Linking Rings
I'm absolutely stunned at the prices most people pay for linking rings; $20 for four steel loops!? Highway robbery. But then it occurred to me how painfully simple it is to make them for yourself. Any craft store of any decent size has steel rings in the leatherworks section (people use them for .....