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Saturday, 07 November 2009 Torn and Transformed Card Tutorial
EFFECT:A card is selected and lost in the pack. The magician then claims he will cause the card to rise to the top of the deck, but he fails. When he turns over the top card, it is NOT the selection, as he said it would be. The magician gets mad, tearing up the top card int .....
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 A Simple Book Test Tutorial
Many mentalists and magicians use a book test in their act. Here's one that you can easily do:   Effect: Give someone a paperback book. As them to hold the book behind their back and open to a page. (Even they can't see their page select .....
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 Road Rage Mentalism Routine
This is powerful little piece of mental magic. You will need 3 small slips of paper, a pen and 3 markers (a green, red and yellow.) With the pen, draw a simple traffic light on each of the three pieces of paper. Each of the drawings should feature three circles in a single column, inside a rectan .....
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 Onion Magic Tutorial
Effect: The human being with supernatural abilities asks the folks, "Wanna see something strange?" They say they would like that very much. "Well, it's gonna cost ya five...no, TEN bucks. Plus tax. That would normally work out to over 11 dollars, but let's just keep it simple. To .....
Thursday, 01 January 2009 Salt Penetration Magic Trick
This effect always gets good reactions. Probably because of the surprise when they think you are about to do one amazing thing then you suddenly do something totally unexpected. When seemingly failing to make a coin vanishfrom under a salt shaker, you slam the salt shaker with your palm and .....