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  • I am the professional magician working in restaurant.
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  • China
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  • Val Valentino

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Chung San
Chung San
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Sunday, 17 January 2010 The Restored Calendar Tutorial
NONE of the principles employed in this clever combination are new, but, as the audience only sees the surface of a trick, the effect is none the worse on that account. If this surface is properly camouflaged, the closer one sticks to the time-tried methods .....
Sunday, 17 January 2010 The Premier Book Test Tutorial
The beauty of this test is, that throughout the experiment, the performer apparently does nothing whatever, and TOUCHES NOTHING USED IN THE TEST. The material used can be thoroughly examined after the experiment is finished. There is the advantage of being able to use ANY MAGAZINE OR BOOK DESIRED .....
Less of a magic trick and more of a theatrical production, Snow in the theatre is an "Inside" trick.The lights go down and the performer stands in the center of the stage. It becomes windy on stage, while the lights have been turned off and replaced with a spotlight on the performer's .....
I have here a really new principle for effects of this nature. It occurred to me in the latter part of 1927 while conversing with Max Holden on a principle of which he is the originator.The first thought was to use the trick as herein described, with two blank cards of a calling card .....
The following is a super little effect that you can do anytime, but it's particularly effective when done casually at the dinner table or restaurant or anywhere that tea or coffee is being served and teaspoons are available.THE EFFECT: You casual .....