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16 months ago
shahrul yussrina and James Steerforth are now friends Jan 12
John Franklin, 2013-02-21 15:58:21
John Franklin
Practicing a new trick..
Rizky Ais, 2009-11-29 11:15:04
Rizky Ais
thanks for added me as your friend. i'm Rizky Ais, Mind Illusionist from Indonesia. Nice to be friend with you. Cheers for Magic!

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This is not a fool-proof puzzle. You have to put your faith in an untested paper straw. I recommend that you only do this trick over a soft surface so that there is no damage if it doesn't work. Show your friends an empty bottle and a paper straw. Stand the bottle on the table and then .....
Thursday, 21 February 2013 Mind Reading With a Card
The Performance   Our intrepid magician goes forth onto the unforgiving streets. A passing female is asked to take part in a simple experiment... "I'll riffle the cards before your eyes - watch - think of one card." The cards are duly riffl .....
This is rock bottom for simplicity and that is what I work for always. There is no name code and you are always ready with the simplest mental calculation. In my case, the following table is pasted on the wall just over the telephone at home. Weeks go by at a time withou .....
Friday, 18 December 2009 Fishbowl Production Revealed
For a number of years this fishbowl Production was used as the opening effect in my stage shows. It is quick and very astonishing because a very large howl is used and the production is made on an undraped table so far down stage that it is almost against the footlights. The trick is completely m .....
Friday, 11 September 2009 David Blaine Thought Card Revealed
The Effect: David approaches a passer-by and asks that they hold a pack of cards and to merely think of any card that is in the pack."Are you thinking of one ?" - "Not the Ace of Spades ! " - "Think of another .""OK - got one ? - Yes ? - OK .....