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  • 30/06/1971
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  • Hi my name is Momo. I want to share my collection of magic tricks. Please enjoy and give me a feedback. Thanks.
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  • Magic, Drawing, Art
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  • Card Magic, Coin Magic, Illusion, Stage Magic, and Hypnosis
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  • Derren Brown, Cyril Takayama

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Saturday, 20 March 2010 Indian Rope Trick Revealed
Having made two visits to India, I should be lacking in my duty to the fraternity if I failed to record the result of my personal investigation of the traditional miracle.One day an hotel servant inf .....
Saturday, 07 November 2009 The Trick That Fooled Einstein
This trick was performed by magician Al Koran, who used it in an act while mathematical genius Albert Einstein was in the audience. After the show, Einstein invited Al Koran to his table and had him repeat the effect, it fooled him again! Koran then commented, "It’s not the numbers - but th .....
Oh to fly. This ambition is and will continue to be humanity's greatest quest. Siegfied and Roy have had this trick as part of their Las Vegas show-off and on -over the last couple of years.The effect: The lights focus on the perf .....
Effect:You put four Queens (or any 4 cards the same) into the deck of cards at four different places, - as far apart as your can manage, - then with a simple cut and a riffle or a blow - they appear all togethe .....
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 Four Aces Revealed
The Effect: The magician cuts the deck in half, and gives you half and keeps the other for him self. You are then asked to follow every move. Both put the deck behind your backs. Both select any card from your decks and swap them with the other with out looking at t .....