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  • I am an ordained Minister but my specialty is Gospel Illusions. and that is simply using Illusions (Or Magic tricks) to help make the Biblical point you are making more memorable. And yes you can use it to bring people to Christ. Andre Kole who is one of David Copperfields right hand men and who created the vanishing Staue of Liberty also works with Campus crusade for Christ and has brought over 2,000,000 (2 Million) people to a saving Knowledge. So for those of you who make think it don't work in a Christian setting think again. I am at this time working on SEVERAL Gospel Illusions to be used in Sunday School, Children's Church, Children's Sermon, Gospel Strret Magic, and for Cospel Illusion Shows as well.
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  • Mark Wilson and Howard Thruston

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Pastor Charles Rice
Pastor Charles Rice
Just starting out here.
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Pastor Charles Rice, 2013-05-16 17:20:12
Pastor Charles Rice
I will be starting Magic Classes at the arts center in my town. One will be for teens and that will be regular Magic, One will be for Gospel Illusions and another will be for sales Illusions. Butwe have to make sure enough people want to do these Classes for it to go well. So if you believe in prayer I would welcome any you prayers for me. If you can just give good wishes I will appreciate that as well. I will keep you posted here as to how things are going. Well gotta go get the Classes ready so take care all. Pastor Chuck
Pastor Charles Rice, 2012-05-17 22:20:56
Pastor Charles Rice
I look forward to what I can learn here and look forward to the friends I make. God Bless

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