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Dec 08

David Blaine Trick - How To Make a Nail Writer

Posted by: Bruce

Tagged in: Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism



The magician asks for a person to think in a number of 3 digits. After the person thinks of a number, the magician writes in a paper block the number that she thought. The number that she thought is the same as it is written in the block.

This trick has an excellent effect.


Items Used:

A very strong glue, a tube of white glue, a penknife or probe, a pencil, a scissors, ribbon adhesive of the colour of the skin, a paper block and a pin.


To Prepare:

1. Get the probe or penknife and cut the point of the pencil.

2. Get a piece of paper and put under the point of the pencil. To proceed get the very strong glue and paste the point of the pencil with the piece of paper.

3. Cut out the paper in a circular format.

4. Get a piece of adhesive ribbon and make a hole with the needle.

5. Get the point of the pencil that is glued in the paper and place in the adhesive ribbon through the hole made with the pin.

6. Now cut the ribbon adhesive of the same size of the paper that is glued the point of the pencil.

7. Get a tube of white glue, and glue the point of the pencil in the thumb. Now you are ready to do the trick.



1. Get a paper block and a pencil. Call a person and ask him to think of any number of 3 digits. Always do that looking at in the person's eyes, so that she doesn't look at the paper block.

2. As soon as he thinks of a number, begin to look at fixedly for the person's eyes (giving the impression that you are reading his thought). Then, pretend to be writing with the pencil the number that she thought. Then give the pencil to the person and ask for him to say the number that he thought. After you gave the pencil, put the thumb on the paper.

3. The position of the paper block should be the same as the illustration. (By doing that he won't see the thumb, so you can write freely). Let's say that the thought number is 957. When the person is saying the number, you must at the same time write it in the block. Say to him to repeat the thought number, giving more time for you to write. Write the number, but don't look at the paper block, you should always be looking at fixedly for the person's eyes, or he can will notice that you are writing something.

Comments (2)

Thumb Writer
That's how I do it, I glue the piece of pencil lead under the thumb nail.
rzabel1 , December 26, 2008
all that work!
all that work for a nail writer! I found out in magic the simpler the better! You can just put a piece of lead underneath your 'thumbnail' yea litterly underneath the nail of the thumb, much more practical.
riggs , December 15, 2008

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