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Magician Rajeshwar Wupradrishta / Wuprisha (Magician Raj), born and brought up in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, is a Magician for over two decades. He is academically a Post Graduate in Management as well as in Computer Science. Magic as performed by Rajesh / Raj is not an esoteric craft removed from the hearts of people. He uses his skill to uplift emotions, bringing hope, cheer and happiness to his audience. He believes that the aim of magic is mainly to entertain people, and entertainment is inalienable to happiness. His own happiness comes from the 'bridge of oneness' he builds with his spectators. “Big smiles, Amazed looks. That’s no illusion, simply wonderful magic”

What makes a moment truly “magical”? For Magician Raj, it is a point in time when a person is transported, even if only for a fleeting moment, back to a place where the wonder and fantasy of childhood still exists, when anything and everything is possible! “When I perform, whether it be for audiences large or small, young or old, my goal is simple; to put a smile on each and every spectator’s face, a twinkle in their eye, and a memory of astonishment in their hearts and minds!”

Let’s hear about Raj’s journey into the wonderful world of magic and illusions in his own words. I was about twelve when I saw a magic show from a famous magician, Mr. Shadow (his stage name). I was mystified by how he could make the impossible possible, and make it look so amazingly simple. At the end of the show, he revealed a simple trick on the stage, and announced that magic was not spiritual, and neither did magicians have any super natural powers. I learnt that magic was an art coupled with a bit of science that could be mastered with extreme patience and practice.
At that moment, I decided that I would to become a magician. I started my practice, by keenly observing performing magicians, and watching their movements very carefully. I did not learn magic from anyone, I observed, tried, practiced and perfected. I performed my first stage show when I was fifteen and there was no looking back after that. I was awarded the title ‘Ekalavya’, as I did not have a teacher. Ekalavya is a prodigal archer in the Indian epic Mahabharatam. He became the best archer of his times by sheer practice and will power, as he could not afford to have a teacher.
Coming back to my story, I took a break from performing stage shows after a successful career spanning over a decade, with several shows, awards and recognitions, to concentrate on my studies and to have a traditional career. With the encouragement of my family and friends, I have reignited my passion with a new zeal and vigor. I currently reside in Mississauga (GTA), Ontario, Canada.

As mentioned before, Raj started performing stage shows professionally from the age of fifteen (his first professional stage show was in 1987). He is a stage magician, who for over two decades, has been performing at various events all over India, Maldives and now, in
Warwickshire way, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5V 1P8
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