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We will teach you, regardless of your skill level, how to entertain and amaze your friends and family. Teaching a variety of magic, including: Card, Coin, Illusion, Levitation, Mentalism, Close-up, Rope, Rubberband, Ring, XCM, math magic, and bar tricks. It's a great resource to all magic lover!

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Card Coin Bill Mentalism

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Illusion Close-Up Rope Levitation Bar
Top Shot by Lennart Green Revealed
(11 votes)

Extremelly difficult but the effect is superb!

The fastest, coolest way, to reveal a named card ever! Yes, this works with any card called for. If you blink you will miss it! One of the card routine that always shown by Lennart Green on his show.

Top Shot Performance by Lennart Green:

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Unholy Gathering Finally Revealed
(5 votes)

This trick can get a HUGE reaction and best of all your audience will not have a clue how you did it!

An amazing routine where you perform a matrix effect with a playing card and a hole puncher. A signed selection has four holes punched in it -- one in each corner. The holes are visually moved one at a time until they are all in one corner of the card and the signed card is given as a souvenir.

Unholy Gathering Performance:

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Arm Chopper Revealed
(6 votes)

Any spectator's arm is placed in the chopper. A large SOLID BLADE is forced down thru the wrist. The spectator's ACTUAL HAND is seen to drop off and fall in the bag below! Perfect trick to scare your friends!

The Effect:

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Torch to Rose Revealed
(9 votes)

Learn how to instantly turn a flaming torch into a Beautiful Rose. An easy trick that you can learn in few minutes!

Torch to Rose Performance:

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Lance Burton - Jumping Aces Revealed
(6 votes)

Trickbusters explain how to perform the cards trick in which you make aces appear in a glass.

Jumping Aces Performance by Lance Burton:

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