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We will teach you, regardless of your skill level, how to entertain and amaze your friends and family. Teaching a variety of magic, including: Card, Coin, Illusion, Levitation, Mentalism, Close-up, Rope, Rubberband, Ring, XCM, math magic, and bar tricks. It's a great resource to all magic lover!

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Card Coin Bill Mentalism

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Illusion Close-Up Rope Levitation Bar
Elevation Card Trick by Cameron Francis Revealed
(7 votes)

Cameron Francis presents 100% completely impromptu card effects. This is commercial, easy card magic. No set-ups and no extra props. All you need is a deck, two hands, an interested spectator and you are set to amaze.

The Effect: Four phases of sandwich / elevator / twisting / transpo madness that will make you look like a sleight of hand god.


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4 to 1 Transpo by Bill Goodwin Revealed
(13 votes)

This is the performance and tutorial of Bill Goodwin card routine. 4 to 1 transpo is part of a routine called "Off Balance Transposition" in Bill Goodwin's 1997 notes called The Ancient Empty Street.

The Performance:

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Top 10 Card Trick Tutorial
(26 votes)
Here is our selection for the best top 10 card tricks tutorial in 2009. Please enjoy the video and give your comments.

Card Trick #1: Steve Fearson Thumbthing


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David Blaine Gimmick Card Trick Revealed
(15 votes)

The Effect: The magician separates the cards into two deck. Each containing 10 cards. He gives one deck to the spectator and ask him to hold it face down. The magician then spreads his deck and ask the spectator to memorize one card. After that, the magician square up the deck and use his power to transfer the selected card into the other pile which is the card in spectator hand.

Original Performance by David Blaine:

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Dinner For Two Card Trick Revealed
(13 votes)

The Effect: Two cards selected. Two cards lost into two different parts of the deck. Two cards found in two different ways. Amazing! Very beautiful routine! This is Dinner for Two - an effect created by Josh Brand. References: Smooth Operations (Kevin Ho) & Surfaced (Chad Nelson).


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