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We will teach you, regardless of your skill level, how to entertain and amaze your friends and family. Teaching a variety of magic, including: Card, Coin, Illusion, Levitation, Mentalism, Close-up, Rope, Rubberband, Ring, XCM, math magic, and bar tricks. It's a great resource to all magic lover!

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Card Coin Bill Mentalism

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Illusion Close-Up Rope Levitation Bar
Linking Cigarette Revealed
(7 votes)

Impromptu Miracle!

The Effect: The magician holds a borrowed cigarette in each hand with the forefinger and thumb. The two cigarettes passes each other in front of your eyes. No switching, no Magnets, no wax, and no thread. A super visual penetration of two solid object.

Linking Cigarette - Original Performance:

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Hovercard Revealed
(5 votes)

No string, magnets, or thread. The lifting motion is slow. The force is under your control!

The Effect: The spectator chose a card then you take the card from them and place it back to the top of deck. Without funny move, you float the card off the deck! Very powerful effect!

Hovercard Performance:

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Pen Through Bill Revealed
(17 votes)

Imagine yourself borrowing a bill from your friend. She seems reluctantly hand over the bill and asks why do you need it? You suddenly shove a pen right through the bill and you pull the pen out leaving the bill unharmed.

Now you are going to learn the secret of this trick!

Matchbox Magic Tutorial
(6 votes)

This is a classic magic tricks that you can do with a few matchboxes. Easy trick yet can fool your friends. Enjoy the video guys!

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Crush by Eric Ross Revealed
(23 votes)


On your command, cause an ordinary bottle to visibly CRUSHED!

The Effect: You borrowed the bottle from the spectator and place it either in your hand, in your spectator's hand, or on the table. And on your command, without funny moves, the bottle visibly CRUSHED in front of the spectator's eyes!  This routine is very visual and suitable for close-up or stage performance.

Crushed Original Performance:

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