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We will teach you, regardless of your skill level, how to entertain and amaze your friends and family. Teaching a variety of magic, including: Card, Coin, Illusion, Levitation, Mentalism, Close-up, Rope, Rubberband, Ring, XCM, math magic, and bar tricks. It's a great resource to all magic lover!

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Card Coin Bill Mentalism

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Illusion Close-Up Rope Levitation Bar
Clench by Calen Morelli Revealed
(12 votes)

Amazing! This is a small trick but it is supper effective!

The Effect: A spectator freely selects one card from deck, signs it, places it back to the deck and shuffles it. The magician then spread the cards and grab the spectator chosen card using his teeth. This trick can be be combined with any ambitious card routine!

Calen Morelli's Clench Performance:

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Coin Through Glass Revealed
(9 votes)


Coin through glass is a perfect trick for everyday situations!

This routine is originally introduced by Daniel Garcia and one of the most visual coin penetration. You drop a coin into glass and it really penetrates the glass and it falls out to the bottom. Really convincing and visual! You can use any glass and coin for this trick! Amazing!

Coin Through Glass:

David Copperfield on America's Got Talent Revealed
(11 votes)

David Copperfield put on an amazing performance on America's Got Talent. September 15, 2010

David Copperfield blew away the audiences in the studio as well as at home when he performed on America's Got Talent. Although he didn't walk through the great wall or made the statue of liberty disappear like he has done before, he made a great performance that baffle many audiences. Many spectators shaking their head wondering on how it was done? Well, here is one of the possible explanation on how David Copperfield did this trick. Do you have any other thought?


David Copperfield on America's Got Talent Performance:

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Magic Deck Vanish Revealed
(10 votes)

This tutorial will teach you how to make a deck of cards vanish in the blink of eye. This is a super simple magic trick, but the idea is ingenious and could be used in many variations. The instruction on how to make the deck is included also in this video.

Magic Light Bulb Revealed
(7 votes)

This ordinary looking light bulb will light in your hand without wires or apparent power source!

The Effect: Magician shows an ordinary looking light bulb and is able to make it light without using any apparent power source. This trick is extremely easy to play and this is a great choice for the beginner magician. The explanation and instruction on how to make this light bulb is revealed in this video!

Magic Light Bulb Performance:

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