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About Me
Kamran Khan Store is made up of all sorts of magicians, from card workers to coin. We present everything from gospel to bizarre. We levitate, transpose, manipulate, mindread and prestidigitate.

But despite the differences, we have one thing in common. We love getting reactions with magic. That’s why we love performing magic tricks — we’re not out to show off.

When we perform, we don’t want to impress our spectators. We want to move them emotionally. Whether it’s confusion, puzzlement or simple amazement, we want our audiences to see something that makes them feel something.

Think about it: What does it take to get a great reaction from a spectator? It means we have to reach into a part of them that they may have closed off. We have to confront their skepticism and challenge their perceptions — at the same time as we bond with them and become a friend. We get people every day to look at the world a little differently. We want to surprise and amaze them. And we don’t claim success until they walk away believing that there’s more to meatspace than what the five senses can detect.
5 Main Street, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, 54810
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Street
  • Mentalism
  • Hypnotist
  • Psychic Entertainers
  • Gospel Magicians
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Reviews (2)
byAli, August 26, 2012
he is fraud plz don't purchase from him, be careful, he is just a fake person
bynadia khalid, February 23, 2011
i really want to learn magic, but your prices are very high. please please can you give any discounts on few things that i would like to buy.

my father will not allow to spend in laks so please if you can sell me some things in few thousands and later on buy more from you.