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About Me
Magician Boy Samson provides the country with top-notch children’s birthday party entertainment. He is one of the top and more experienced magicians in the Philippines and he will make your party lively, easy and memorable.

Magic shows performed by Magician Boy Samson are mounted on stage for the purpose of entertaining the audience – that is, mystifying them, making them happy and contented, allowing them to forget momentarily their cares in life. Boy Samson is the final ingredient you need to bring your party to life.
450 Geronimo Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines, 1008
0917 9936515 or 02-7812925
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Cabaret
  • Stage
  • Comedy
  • Mentalism
  • Escape Artists
  • Parlor
  • Trade Show
  • Strolling Walk Around
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