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Debunking Fake QiGong Power
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QiGong Power Revealed (Part 4 of 6):


Note of the video (Part 4):

1) The tv presenter replicates how the tricks are done, and explains a remote device triggers the magnets.


QiGong Power Revealed (Part 5 of 6):


Note of the video (Part 5):

1) Nothing interesting in this clip really. All the debunking happens in the first 3 parts of the video.

2) 2:25 you can hear the weights "clink" against the jar as he covers it proving a metal weight is inside.

3) 3: the animation is trying to explain the concept of chi and how it supposedly is projected outside the body. Complete nonsense!

4) 4:50 apparently the guy has a lot of press clippings. Proves nothing.


QiGong Power Revealed (Part 6 of 6):


Note of the video (Part 6):

1) This video shows them preparing a ping pong table for the demonstrations, but then shows the old man brings his own table to do the demonstrations, and a bucket full of his own props. (1:50)

2) 1:30 shows a senseless trick as if he's demonstrating something remarkable. Nothing remotely interesting or proof of incredible power here, it's a simple physics trick that ANYONE can do!

3) the rest of the video isn't important, and shows him doing some ridiculous warmup gestures, and then replicates the same tired tricks from the video that's been on YT for years.


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