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Brad Manuel Comedy Magic

Australian Comedy Magician Brad Manuel is widely considered as one of the funniest and most creative magicians you are likely to see, a corporate magician and corporate comedian rolled into one. Known as The Comedy Magician, Brad's unique Stand Up Comedy ...
Telephone07 54485302
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Children's Entertainers,Parlor,Trade Show,Strolling Walk Around

Brisbane Comedy Magician - Glen Rhodes

Trawalla Street, The Gap, Qld, Australia, 4061
Profile of Glen Rhodes – Magician & Entertainer Glen Rhodes is a witty Englishman who combines 'mind blowing' magic entertainment and comic English humour that will challenge your senses, tickle your mind and leave you wondering if the impossible is po ...
Telephone07 3300 1741
Magic SpecialtyClose Up,Cabaret,Stage,Comedy,Street,Mentalism,Children's Entertainers,Parlor,Trade Show,Psychic Entertainers,Strolling Walk Around