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Scam School Episode 31-40
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Episode 34: It's In the Bank

This week we've got another puzzle with a setup that sounds absolutely impossible.


Episode 35: Stick It To 'Em with The Funnel

We present the atomic bomb of sucker gags: The Funnel!

Sooner or later when you're pulling scams at the bar, you'll run across someone that's too drunk, annoying, or pushy to pay proper attention. You can usually ditch them using the Thumb cuffs (from episode 5), but someone especially aggressive deserves special treatment...Which is why we present the atomic bomb of sucker gags: The Funnel


Episode 36: Are You Dead or Alive?

As a conversation starter, Brian shows you how to use two toothpicks to detect a pulse.

Effect: You are able to show your pulse using two toothpicks. No matter how hard they try, your friend cannot.