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The Magic of Regardt Laubscher

About Me
If you believe in Magic no explanations is necessary, but if you don’t believe in magic no explanation will be giving an anyway.

Regardt Laubscher has been performing professional magic for the past 10 years. He is perfect for any event,any place and any time- for any age from 4-104.

Regardt can present you with the following shows:
Children/Family magic show
Adult/Corporate magic show
Gospel magic
Promotional Magic
Close up magic
Balloon twisting
Balloon twisting workshop
Kids theater/magic show
Leadership workshop
Educational show ( HIV/AIDS, DRUGS)
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Cabaret
  • Stage
  • Comedy
  • Street
  • Mentalism
  • Children's Entertainers
  • Parlor
  • Trade Show
  • Gospel Magicians
  • Strolling Walk Around
  • Baloon Twister
Video Performance
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