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Transit Revealed
(34 votes)

The rubberband jumps from one finger to another - to another!

The Effect: The ungimmicked rubber band is wrapped and secured around magician finger. With no strange moves, she begins waving her hand gently. As she waves, the rubber band visibly jumps to her second finger.

Transit original performance:

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David Penn Exclusive Magic Tricks Tutorial
(34 votes)

David Penn is a seven times national award winning magician and master illusionist whose possessed amazing style of close up table magic or illusion. In this series, he takes the streets of Portsmouth showing some of his classic mind blowing tricks and sleight of hand! Several tricks that he teached are the following: Turbulence card trick, Shared thoughts mentalism, Mercury fork bend, Match back, Knot a problem rope tricks, Instant lottery, Gone coin trick, and the classical Find the lady trick. Enjoy this collection guy!


David Penn - Knot a Problem Puzzle:

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Rising Demon Doll Tutorial
(20 votes)

This trick is superb! Learn how to make a demon creature rise from your candy bowl! Demon doll is suitable to be performed on Halloween day to entertain children.

To perform this trick you need: a demon doll, a candy bowl and invisible thread.

Candy Bowl Demon Instructional Video:

Ziplocked Revealed
(32 votes)

Simply throw the object through thin air into the sealed bag!

The Effect: Borrow any coin from the spectator and have them signed it. Blow up a ziplocked bag. Without making funny moves, you throw the coin through thin air into the sealed plastic bag! This trick could be reset within seconds. A step by step tutorial on how to make the gimmick bag is explained in this video as well as the performance to carry out the trick.

Ziplocked - Coin in Bag Performance:

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Tagged Revealed
(30 votes)

The Effect: A card is selected and shuffled back to the deck. The magician points out his dog chain hanging around his neck. The chain is ordinary and ungimmick. Holding the deck in his hand, he slowly waves the deck in front of the chain. The impossible begins to unfold... The selected cards suddenly jump out from the deck and tagged into the chain!

Tagged Performance:

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