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Criss Angel - Chain Through Neck Revealed
(29 votes)
The magician wrap a chain around his neck, making a loop and pull it as hard as they can. Learn this secret and amaze your friends!

Learn How to Bend a Thick Nail With Your Bare Hands
(31 votes)
We're back with another dirty trick, designed to teach you how to FAKE your way into (almost) duplicating the feats of the world's strongest men.

Rubberband Through Thumb Revealed
(4 votes)
A cool trick you can do with any elastic band. Passing a rubberband through your spectator's thumb. Magic revealed!!

The Performance:

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Fork Bend Illusion Revealed
(8 votes)
Award winning magician David Penn shares the mystery behind some of the most popular street magic tricks ever created. Learn bending a fork just using your mind!

Rope Through Neck Revealed
(15 votes)
Seattle Magician will revealed how to do a rope through neck trick. Enjoy!


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