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Shocking Pocket Trick Tutorial
(3 votes)
This is the explanation for the shocking pocket trick by Tim David. Easy trick recommended for beginners.


Coin Thru Empty Can Tutorial
(5 votes)
The Effect: The magician shows an empty can of soda and borrows a coin. The can is shown to be open at the top but the bottom is sealed. The magician then slams the coin into the bottom of the can and the coin penetrates right through! Very cool effect to amaze your friends. Here is the tutorial for this trick:

Masked Magician - The Acrobatic Cup Revealed
(2 votes)

Finally the masked magician's acrobatic cup revealed! Remember: do a lot of practice and don't show the trick twice! Here is the secret:

Original Performance:

Click read more for the explanation...

Debunking The Pickpockets by Trickbusters
(2 votes)
Trickbusters and Geekboy explain how pickpockets act on the streets, making profit of techniques used in magic.

Rubber Band Penetrate Thumb Tutorial
(3 votes)
Magician David Penn will teach you a cool trick with any elastic band. So, watch and learn!

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