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Cyril Takayama - Burger Trick Revealed
(26 votes)
This is the explanation for Cyril Takayama's hamburger trick, so watch and learn! Pay attention closely to this video, as all the secrets are revealed in his imperfect performance.

Click Here for watch the original performance by Cyril.

Indestructible Bill Explanation
(2 votes)

How do you poke a pen through a dollar bill without leaving a hole? To show us how this mind-blowing sleight of hand works, Brian gets some help from magician Rich Ferguson.

Indestructible Bill Tutorial:

Criss Angel Russian Roulette Trick Revealed
(2 votes)
Trickbusters explain the russian roulette trick performed by Criss Angel from rational point of view!


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Learn Rope Through Neck - Tutorial
(5 votes)
Learn this easy magic trick: how to pull the rope/scarf through your neck. Completely impromptu. Great visual effect for everybody!

Rope Through Body Tutorial
(7 votes)
This video will teach you how to make it appear as though you can make your rope go through your body. A great visual effect for everybody!


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