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Learn How To Cheat on The Street (Street Monte Revealed)
(9 votes)
Grand Puertolas explains one of the first tricks he bust, when he was on holiday in Spain at the age of 10. A trick performed by scum people on the streets to get the money of some absent-minded ...

David Blaine - Healed And Sealed Soda Can Tutorial - Revealed
(5 votes)
Healed and sealed soda can was invented by Aders Moden in 1997 and have been performed by famous magician like David Blaine on one of his tv show. Now you could learn this secret too...


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How To Torn and Restored Paper Magic Trick - Tutorial
(3 votes)
This clip will teach you how to rip paper and put it back together again using magic.


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How To Solve Rubik's Cube In a Second? - Free Tutorial
(31 votes)
rubiks-cube.jpgHave you ever been frustrated trying to solve the infamous Rubik's Cube? Have you ever wanted to solve it in a second?... Well now you can with a little bit of Magic!

THE EFFECT: You show a mixed up Rubik's Cube to your spectators and proclaim that you can beat the world record for solving it, as if by magic! You explain that the world record is around ten seconds but you can do it in just one second. Naturally your spectators are a little skeptical.

You immediately toss the cube into the air and catch it - amazingly it is now solved!




David Copperfield's Arm Twist Illusion Revealed - Explanation
(3 votes)
This is the explanation of David Copperfield's Arm Twist. Very easy to do magic tricks! When performing this trick use a long sleeve!

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