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David Copperfield's Arm Illusion Revealed
(2 votes)
Learn exactly how to do David Copperfield arm illusion magic trick..

Magic Revealed: Cell Phone Ghost Revealed!
(7 votes)

Make a ghost appear and move on anyones cell phone camera. Record it or take a picture to prove it's real! This effect that allows you to use a borrowed portableelectronics device to create a digital seance that can be saved as photo or movie. It's easy to perform and works with most camera phones. This trick also known as Ghost Vision.

Ghost Vision Performance:

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How To: Quarter Through Soda Can AKA Sinful Tutorial
(3 votes)
Learn how to do this famous trick performed by Criss Angel. With a little practice you can perform this trick like a pro!

Sinful Performance:

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Cigarette Through Coin Revealed
(1 vote)
A classic trick that can be used in streets: "Cigarette Through Coin". You just need: one gimmick coin and a cigarette. Very easy to do!

Magic Greatest Secret Revealed!
(5 votes)
The biggest illusion secrets that have been kept for hundred of years finally revealed in this great video. Watch and learn when the magician conjured the girl out from thin air, the secret behind floating dollar bill, and the famous plate steel penetration!

Floating Dollar Bill:

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