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Rope Through Neck Revealed
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Seattle Magician will revealed how to do a rope through neck trick. Enjoy!


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I only wish
I only wish my hangman had used your knot...
The Ghost , August 31, 2012
I learned this trick about 30 years ago. It's so old and forgotten that it's new. Thanks for bringing it back to life. It's a great little trick.
vince , May 14, 2012
need some help
do you think you can give me some extra tips for doing this. i am following what your doing and i keep seeming to get it stuck around my neck (tied around my neck) i understand in the video YOUR left is not MY left, so im wondering what im doing wrong. if you could give me some pointers that would be great
thejoshguy , June 11, 2011
that is genious...
i saw this done by chain but i didn't dare do it hahaha ..
but it looks better with a scaff plus really good for winter
nice one
5 out of 5
D~Y , September 10, 2009
a great magic trick
akshat , May 26, 2009

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